Cheikh Lo – An energetic musician’s workshop

The Sur Jahan festival brought a variety of talented performers to Goa. One of them was Cheikh Lo (Senegal).  His music style is a mixture of reggae, mbalax, and other influences.  He conducted a workshop where he showcased his talents by playing different songs.  His friendly personality and energy charmed the audience.

The songs had different themes.  Some of the songs had historical stories in them.  Another song was about an impolite son who took his father’s bike without his permission and damaged it which made the father unable to go to work as that bike was his only means of transportation.  He also taught part of the lyrics to help the audience sing along.

One song had a faster lyric speed and spoke about how people in Africa mess up their lives and then blame God for their mistakes. The last song had a special Senegalese percussion instrument rhythm which made some of the audience get up and dance.