Bringing Shakespeare on a regional front

William Shakespear is not just a mere subject but a subject of love, an element of fantasy, an insight into the human psychic and the ethics of philosophy which are very much present in our day to day lives, said Kiran Budkuley, a writer and a critic while speaking on the occasion of the release of Padmashri Suresh Amonkar’s two Konkani books titled– A Golden Treasury of Shakespear’s Thoughts and a Konkani translation of Julius Caesar.

“When Shakespear’s work combining poetry and philosophy, is in its proportionate, symbolic and impactful best than it uncovers various dimensions of the meaning of a rhythm and lucidity and with this it becomes a greater challenge for any translator even if it is of Suresh Amonkar’s caliber”, added Budkuley. Further Budkuley said that, in the works of Shakespear, Amonkar found a soul mate as its literature has the power to touch one’s emotions, vitalise their thinking process and also helping you to look towards the society from a social point of view.

Author of the books, Suresh Amonkar said that the work of Shakespear is a whole different aspect of literature, once you start reading his works, it’s almost like a love affair, and you experience all sorts of emotions. Quoting the famous line of Shakespeare “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players.” Amonkar stated that we still find people like the character of Hamlet who is confused in this world of dilemma and also characters like Romeo and Juliet who were the symbols of love.

Former station director of All India Radio, Madhav Borkar said that Shakespear has made an impactful influence on the Indian theatre industry like no other literature expert did as it portrayed the problems of an ordinary man. “The characters like Brutus and Julius Caesar still exist in today’s political world, the only difference is that the swords from the play are replaced by emotional swords that penetrate deep into one’s heart” added Borkar.

Also present for the occasion were Former Member of Legislative Assembly– Uday Bhembre, Artist¬–Shridhar Kamat Bambolkar, Chairman of Institute Menezes Braganza– Sanjay Harmalkar and Secretary of Institute Menezes Braganza– Gorakh Mandrekar.


Pic Credit – Hemant Parab