The church and convent commenced in 1606 and was completed in 1627, only to burn down nine years later. Its reconstruction began the following year.

The building comprised the first nunnery in the East and was finally abandoned when the last sister died in 1885.

The architecture of the Church and convent reflect a combination of the Tuscan, Corinthian and composite styles. The façade of the Church has two main doorways with basalt frames.

The façade of the church prominently features a statue of Santa Monica as well as the symbol of the Holy Ghost.


On the 8th of February 1636, the statue of Christ on the Cross of Miracles is said to have opened its eyes while blood flowed from the wounds as if it were living.

The feast of this cross is celebrated on 27th of November annually.

Today this convent has been converted into the Museum of Christian Art, whilst the old Monastery of Santa Monica houses the Mater Dei Institute, for the formation of the faith for women from all religious congregations in India.

Pics Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM