Sosa’s Boutique is an indo-western and resort-themed boutique which is made to suit the Goan climate and vibe. The boutique sells various clothes from designers all over India. The boutique also sells different kinds of accessories and bags.  The boutique started operating on 14 December 1998 and completes 41 years in 2019. Most of the designers are from out of Goa and they sell special customized clothes at this boutique.

Speaking to Myra, the owner of this boutique, she said, “There is a common misconception that designer wear is very pricey and the clothes retail for 10,000, 20,000, etc. Our boutique here sells great designer clothes are a reasonable rate you wouldn’t mind buying.”

Each design sold is unique in its way and you can’t find the same design elsewhere. You may get the same design but the color or the fabric may differ.

Landmark: Near People’s High School