Are you the type of person who dozes off during science lectures? There is good news for you! The Goa Science Centre & Planetarium in Panaji, the only Science park in Goa, aims to make science fun for people of all ages.

Once you enter, you are surrounded by lush greenery and statues of various pre-historic creatures like dinosaurs. There are many outdoor exhibits to interact with like a pulley system where you can lift yourself up without anyone’s help. A playground designed for kids is a great place to keep them busy.

Inside the building there are different galleries:

The Fun Science Gallery

This section has various interactive exhibits which include ‘Leave your shadow behind’, ‘See your pupils change size’ and ‘Create music by waving your hands’. It creates an interesting way to learn science principles like physics. It even has an exhibit where you can serve your head on a plate!

Science of Ocean

This is a good place for those who love seas and oceans. Its exhibits dioramas like people salt farming, fishermen, and penguins on ice. You can even create whirlpools and waves by just pressing a button.

Mirror Gallery

Learn how mirrors work by getting thrown into a world of illusions. Look into a well that seems like it has no bottom or see a skeleton in the mirror instead of your reflection. The mirror maze, where you have to find your way out, is worth trying. However, don’t run in there otherwise you may dash into a mirror!

The planetarium has dome technology to portray stars and planets realistically and also a  theatre showing various 3D science movies. The official there says, “Various events are held like International Women’s day where we teach women computer basics. Other events include  Sky observations, workshops, competitions, beach cleaning and developing teaching kits for teachers.”

Membership of the Science Park entitles a person to various special benefits like unlimited free entry, library facility and invitations to events held by them.

Pics Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM