The Safa Masjid is located in Ponda taluka near the KTC bus stand. It is the oldest functioning mosque in Goa. The mosque was built in 1560 during the reign of Sultan Ali Adil Shah.

The Safa  Masjid is a small single chambered mosque with tiled roof having flight of steps in front.

The architecture of the mosque is an Indo-Islamic fusion. The tank and the mosque are made up of laterite stone masonry.  On the top half of the mosque, the ‘Mehrab’ double arches are crowned with a beautiful lotus bud motif which adds to the prestige beauty of this mosque

The interesting feature of the Safa Masjid is the huge tank with 44 ‘hammams’ i.e. hot air baths, in its four interior sides in Islamic ‘Mehrab’ style arcs.

One can still see the remnants of the ‘Mehrab’ arcs on all the four sides of the mosque where the top half of the mosque is plastered with a cream color with eaves design and ruins of laterite pillars in the surroundings of the mosque.

The two major festivals of Id-Ul-Fitr and Id-Ul-Zuha are celebrated at this mosque with great pomp.