Overflowing with creativity, full of life – meet Monty Sally, a real fun-loving guy. His immense love for fashion started in his school years. Some glamorous women on TV like Cindy Crawford made him want to design clothes. He doesn’t refer to books or magazines for inspiration and never repeats designs or a style.

The ambience in his Porvorim studio is designed by him and reflects his artistic nature. One room has a water theme which can be seen through items like starfish decorations and waterfall curtains. He wants to add even more features like soothing water sounds and a room having storks and clouds.  Many artworks created by him also adorn the walls.

His inspiration comes from various things like visuals, a new place, a painting, music, somebody’s words, a poem, or an experience. The items in his studio start from Rs.7000 onward. He specializes in corsets, complex gowns and other types of outfits. He also uses laser cut acrylics and jewellery to give 3D effect for uniqueness. His future plans involve making his label known nationally.

Monty Sally feels that “Confidence makes a difference in fashion. I have noticed that even when people wear clothes that don’t suit them, their confidence makes it look good. My fashion advice is to always be confident in whatever you wear.”

Pics Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM