Coastal Crave in Candolim should be on your list of restaurants to try out this year. This pet-friendly restaurant’s forte lies in its food and service


Although travelling along the Calangute-Candolim-Sinquerim stretch can be a hassle due to the woes that come with tourism, I must say that there are a few gems among the clutter of restaurants, dhabas, and small outlets.

On the main road, is one such place. Coastal Crave, owned and run by Jeronimo D’Souza and his wife Anastazia D’Mello, combines a personal touch with professional service. Their friends Datson de Souza and Allen Fernandes are always around doing their bit at Coastal Crave too.

Boho and Earth-inspired, there’s this feeling of being at home that sets in as you enter the restaurant. Anastazia, a musician by profession who has specialised in media, has worked tirelessly to get the décor in sync with what is offered on the menu.

And while Coastal Crave serves a lot of seafood, the menu also showcases a fusion of all cuisines, creating an inviting culinary experience. Besides signature preparations in Goa, Indian, Asian, and Continental sections, there are interesting modern recipes and specially curated ones that are a must-try. In fact, there is a special emphasis on providing vegetarian options.

Our meal began with balls of mushrooms that were a delightful surprise, bursting with flavour. Crunchy on the outside, gooey yet with a generous amount of stuffing is what made this stand out right at the start. The chicken satay also stood out with its amazing peanut sauce, complementing the perfectly grilled skewers. In fact, after we wrapped up with the satay, we could not help but finish the peanut sauce just like that.

The bacon-wrapped prawns were a savoury delight. The flavouring of the prawn was interesting, and we loved it. Thank God for a few friends who only eat vegetarian food, the rest of us got to nibble on a few extra ones.

You must also try out some of their specially curated cocktails like Bull Frog and or what the mixologist suggests.

Moving on to the main courses, the seafood biryani was a fragrant masterpiece, showcasing the restaurant’s expertise in both seafood and traditional flavours. By and large, it was one of the best biryanis we have tasted in a long long time. The pork chops were cooked to perfection, and with the accompaniments at the side, it was all just perfect and well done. It all just melts in the mouth. And now I’m drooling in nostalgia.

The seafood sizzler coming to our table made a few heads turn in the restaurant especially, the tourists sitting there. This dish is perfect for those who want their dose of fish, prawns, squids- everything at one go.

The veg alfredo provided a delightful respite to Ramandeep who was otherwise occupied capturing snapshots of our happy, ecstatic faces when our food arrived. And yes, sometimes vegetarian options can be just as satisfying. However, unlike the normal, commercial pastas you find, this one was packed with flavour and had a decent amount of veggies in it. And to check if the Goan food was on point, we decided to try the Crab XecXec. This was a good decision indeed and it was in fact much better than the one made in my home. I was really happy to see and savour authentic Goan food being served on this stretch where an Indian twist is what Goan food is all about.

To resurrect from some food coma, we dug into the much-talked-about homemade chocolate truffle. It was a sweet finale that hit the right balance of sweetness. It was so irresistible that I found it challenging to stop indulging. Luckily, I had friends who had to actually stop me from ordering another one.

What makes Coastal Crave stand out is the commitment to sustainability, using locally sourced ingredients, and creating an eco-friendly dining space to contribute to the community and the environment. On the entertainment front, there’s live music on weekends for a ‘susegad’ vibe.

Overall, this family-run gem not only delivered a diverse range of dishes but also created an atmosphere that felt like Goa (in this belt where nothing seems familiar, Goan-like or otherwise).

It’s worth navigating yourself through the hustle and bustle to get here, especially when the food is good, the prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and the portion size isn’t too small. The rustic charm and the flavourful offerings make it a must-visit for those seeking a memorable dining experience in Candolim.