Dedicated to St.Anne, it is a remarkable piece of ancient Christian architecture, situated in Talaulim. Built in 1695 on the bank of the Sirdao river.

In the month of July, the feast of St Anne is celebrated throughout Goa as Grandparents Day but only in the village of Santan, Curca it is celebrated as Touxanchem Fest.The church actually began as an ‘ermita’, a small chapel in an isolated place. The chapel was placed under the invocation of St. Anne after a villager reported to have seen a vision of an old lady, wearing a hat and with a staff in hand; coming down the neighbouring hill, saying her name was Anne.

Here, couples offer ‘pepino’ (cucumbers) in hopes of being blessed with a ‘menino’ (child) and those who receive this gift, return the following year to offer their gratitude. Young men offer her a ‘culher’ (spoon) in exchange for a ‘mulher’ (wife). Young women will offer ‘urid’ (mung dhal) and ask for ‘murido’ (husband).