The Chapel is situated atop the Monte near the Church of St. Cajetan, overlooking the river Mandovi and the islands of Divar and Chorao.

In 1510 this was the site of the battle between the armies of Afonso de Albuquerque and Sultan Adil Shah, who was trying to retake Goa. To commemorate his victory and give thanks, Afonso de Albuquerque erected this chapel. In 1931 the Archaeological commission had a plaque placed here that, when translated, reads, “Here the Mohammedan artillery stood against Alfonso de Albuquerque to retake Goa in May, 1510”. The Monte chapel is built of laterite blocks covered with lime plaster.

The Chapel is a host to the much acclaimed Monte Music festival which is organized by the Fundacao Oriente in collaboration with the Kala Academy, this festival aims to integrate Indian and Western forms of Classical music and is held in February every year.