Cabo de Rama fort is located in Cancona taluka, in the extreme South of Goa. The fort changed hands many times during its history and was controlled by Hindu and Muslim rulers. The Portuguese wrested it from the control of the Raja of Soonda in 1763 and remained in control of it for the rest of the colonial rule of Goa.

When the Portuguese took over the fort, they constructed military barracks, command posts, and officers’ quarters. They also equipped it with 21 canons and the embrasures to hold the same.They constructed a church within the walls of the fort. This church, dedicated to St. Anthony which is still in use today. When the fort was no longer useful as a military bastion, it was converted into a prison in 1935 and continued to be used in this capacity until 1955.  The buildings that were used as a prison are also reasonably habitable and are used as a government outpost, occasionally housing scientists and researchers from the National Institute of Oceanography.

Pics Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM