Situated next to a beautiful park is the well-maintained, history-filled Archaeological Museum in Old Goa. It was formed in 1964. Its eight huge galleries of different ancient artifacts will keep you transfixed.

The museum has various sculptures of Hindu deities, wood/ivory objects pertaining to Christianity, and dioramas like the site plan of Chandor. The manager says, “Some of the popular pieces are the hero stones which were sculpted in memory of those who died in battle, a giant statue of Luiz Vaz de Camões- a Portuguese Poet, and the huge portraits of people like governors during the Portuguese period.”

Other eye-catching artifacts are large paintings showing the persecution of Christian priests, a sculpture of a fruit basket, a piece of iron lance on which St.Thomas the apostle was supposed to have been killed, and many more. In another section, you will find Persian, Arabic and Marathi inscriptions on stone slabs.

Further interesting sections contain things like the bone relic of Queen Ketevan of Georgia in a makeshift building, ‘then and now’ photos of different Goan places and monuments. The Maritime Interpretation Gallery has a model of a Portuguese ship along with informational posters of past sea activities. Other features include a Children’s Activity section and a video show on world heritage sites which is shown at certain times.

There are even artifacts outdoors like different pillars and millstones of a gunpowder factory.To end your visit, explore the enormous 1661 St. Francis of Assisi church which is next to the museum and treat your eyes to the beautiful statues and wooden carvings.

Pics Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM


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