When you see a building with a unique shape in Alto Porvorim, Goa, you’ll  know that you’ve reached the Houses of Goa museum. The quiet area along with the flowers and creepers brings about a sense of serenity.

The ground floor has a shop with interesting products like mugs, books, and cards. The Konkani music playing in the background prepares you for the cultural treat your eyes will be exposed to. You have to walk barefoot which elicits the feeling of being at home. As you ascend to the first floor, the spiral staircase with the polished brick walls makes one feel cozy.

The first floor has models of Goan houses, pictures of architecture around the world, house plans of Palacio Santana de Silva and other things. It was like the beginning of the Goan architecture story. The next area displays things that were typically found in Goan houses. There was a wall cupboard from 1917, a chapel door, altars, ceramic tiles, informational posters, and many more interesting pieces. Here, you can sit on a bench and listen to popular Goan music with the headphones provided.

The top floor was like being on a terrace with ample sitting room and a beautiful view of the trees and other houses. There were more informational posters about Indo-Portuguese houses and other interesting material. The museum has objects that are approximately 150-500 years old. It had a certain charm to it and everything was beautifully presented.

The creator of the museum, Gerard da Cunha, being an architect himself, wanted to have a place dedicated to the Goan house. He says, “I plan to bring in more interactive exhibits” with the goal of giving the cozy museum an even more personal touch.

Pics Credit – Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM