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A show of Artwork created by Zorawar Singh, Kai Singh and Miles Singh

French artist, Ana Bloom’s artwork Souffles, Breath was added to the Museum’s collection. The artwork will be available for viewing through mid-July. The piece derives meaning from the philosophies of interconnectedness that are attributed to the Indian subcontinent. “I am the daughter of a two times political refugee father,” says Bloom when talking about the inspiration behind her work. “This family history impacted very strongly my relationship and questioning about the world we live in and my artistic research.” In her introductory text to Souffles, Breath, art curator, Lina Vincent, writes, “Ana’s ‘Breath’ series,  is as hard-hitting as it is painterly in visualisation – it brings together nuances of physical experiences with layers of philosophical and spiritual conceptualisation. In the interplay of concealment and revelation, the still images bring to life anonymous beings through the surging, bubbling water. The artwork captures essences of individual breath from across the globe – raising questions on the human condition, evoking degrees of separation and migration in the contemporary world. The artwork becomes more relevant today in Goa when the state is realising migration-related issues of its own. Ana Bloom’s work along with all the other pieces at the Museum will be available for viewing during regular Museum hours.

DIY ART CLASSES: Stone and pebble creation, watercolours, pastel work, cloth painting, bottle painting, jute flowers, miniature birdhouse, papier mache, plastic bottle flowers, waste paper bowl, tie and dye cloth

Out of Context is hosting the book reading and discussion of Sahitya Akademi award winning Konkani novel ‘Karmelin’ written by Damodar Mauzo and translated by Vidya Pai, on June 22, 5 p.m. at Alliance Francaise, near Menezes Polyclinic, Altinho.

Join MOG next Sunday for a talk by Dr. Meghal Arya on the topic Spatial Ecology of Water on 23 of June 2019 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm at Museum of Goa, Pilerne Industrial Estate, Pilerne, Bardez, Goa. Brief on the talk: The architecture for water transcends time and space in its proliferation across geographies and cultures. These unique and diverse structures articulated the anthropogenic relationship to water, seamlessly weaving in the spiritual with the mundane. The speaker will propose that the architecture for water represents an ecosystem of relations termed as spatial ecology. The links and connections contribute to the resilience and efficacy of the systems in time and space and embed within it the tacit knowledge of a people whose way of life was deeply rooted in local conditions. As urban habitats continue to be governed through fragmented and disconnected processes, policies and departments, Meghal hopes that this talk will provide a path forward for urban regeneration that is based on integration to enable future generations to reconstitute their essential relationship to water and acquire meaningful ways of dealing with urban infrastructure. About Speaker: Dr. Meghal Arya, is an educator, teaching architectural design and history at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India for two decades. She has also taught at several international institutions including ETSAM, Madrid, TU […]

Learn the art of preparing the perfect south Indian breakfast. Learn how to create dishes such as sada dosa, medu vadas, Mysore masala dosa, idlis, tomato onion uttapam, pineapple pudding, rava idli, appo/ panniyarams, iddiyapam, mangalore buns, etc on June 23, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Miramar. Details: 9552276084 (Contact given number for exact location)