The New Normal: ‘Ghar’ ka Superman

Father of two, biker, and businessman, Nevis Coutinho’s lockdown time has seen him taking on the household chores with gusto, while also spending hours having fun with his children.


Usually occupied throughout the day at his bar that is right on Calangute Beach, the ongoing lockdown in the state has left businessman Nevis Countinho with no option but to stay put at home. “The Janata Curfew and lockdown forced me to stay indoors, for my sake, for the family, and for the sake of people,” he says.

In the process, his wife Sharon and two children-son, Nathanael and daughter Samara, have had ample time to spend with him. “It’s been an overdose of quality time with the family. I obey my wife and put up with the tantrums and wishes of my children. Some of these tantrums are really silly, and it has been reminding me of my childhood days, which were similar yet different in many ways,” he says.

A lot of time has also been spent in playing games. “We played Housie, Sequence, FIFA 20 on the PlayStation, and many indoor games,” he says, adding that he often becomes a kid himself while playing with his children and there is usually a lot of screaming and shouting. At the same time, he has to play referee when the two children fight.

Apart from time with children, he has been helping his wife at home with the domestic chores in the absence of domestic help. “I had to clean up the house. I also helped my wife with her craftwork and decoupage on bottles,” he shares, adding that all this has made him realise all the hard work that goes into looking after the house and children.

Also, an avid biker, he has had time to wash his cars and bikes which he otherwise used to take to washing centres.

With the mango season in progress and with his mother being unable to find a mango plucker, Coutinho decided to climb the tree and do the plucking. “It was scary at first, but once I reached the top and had the branch to lean on it was easy and was fun as my children were excited,” says Coutinho, who adds that the small things he did made a difference to his family members, and to see the glee on their faces is priceless.

He admits to being bored with the lockdown and as relaxations were thrown in he slowly began moving about, but is still not able to go back to business. Until then, all he can do is be a partner-in-crime with his children and a house help to his wife as he waits and hopes for the situation to improve.