St. Xavier’s students to be participating in a Gandhi Jayanti walkathon

To mark the event of Gandhi Jayanti, St. Xavier’s College in association with the Rotary Club of Mapusa, is organizing a walkathon which is going to be held on 2nd October. The event will be inaugurated in the college itself. After giving instructions to the students regarding the walking route the event will start.  The students will begin walking from the college itself up till the Mapusa Vodafone gallery. The walk will continue across the market area and will end at the taxi stand.

It won’t be just a walk- there will be other activities as well. This includes dance performances and a skit on the street itself. This event was also planned to tackle the issue of littering in Goa. To take the first step to a cleaner Goa, the students themselves will set a good example by cleaning the Mapusa roads.