Learning to RISE with Navhind Times

Shah began the session with a short video of the national anthem (without the vocals) by differently-abled children which depicted the RISE theme with laser-sharp clarity. This was followed by an ice-breaker session, wherein participants were asked to appreciate their partners and to inspire them to raise the bar. He then explained the significance of the theme 'RISE' (Reinvent, Influence, Stabilise and Excel) with examples which made understanding the concept easy even for the younger ones. Highlighting the importance of experiment as a part of our key life skills, he said: "It is vital to reinvent ourselves through experiments. We need to do things differently and in a better way because the law of diminishing utility keeps eroding the value of all things." Through a few simulations, real-life stories and anecdotes from his personal journey, he illustrated his point in a fun and memorable manner. His knowledge of the subject and his sense of humour had participants listening with rapt attention. By the end of the first session, they were all on board and charged for the next part which was on building a strong foundation for 'RISE'.

Through interactive exercises, cases and experiments, Shah gave them a firsthand feel of the impact and significance of a strong foundation. Under this topic, he magnified the crucial role of observation skills, emotional bank accounts, creating an environment and the importance of choice of words.

Once the foundation was in place the 'STAR-POWER' life skill was shared; focussing on sequence, concept, clarity, application and impact. The first was on how to build 'Personal Power', and using Marston Mouton's DISC construct, an energetic experiment to understand the 'DISC' personalities was conducted with balloons. Participants had fun not just by blowing balloons but also finding them in the game that followed. The laughter and energy were completely infectious! The experiment provided informative insight on personality traits, adaptations, stress management and career choices. This was followed by reward power, position power, image power and networking.

At the end, a retention test was conducted and participants were divided into groups to recollect the learning and take away. Almost all the groups crossed 50 points. Two groups stood out with 85 and 73 points and were given prizes. An inspiring film on 'Finish Strong' was screened to conclude the workshop.

Maria Fernandes | NT Kuriocity

Pics Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM