Serendipity Arts Festival to light up Goa with artistic treats

Serendipity Arts Festival 2018 will start from 15th December and will continue till 22nd December.  It is a multi-disciplinary arts festival which combines visual, performance, and culinary arts.  Ten venues in the capital city of Goa, Panaji, will turn into cultural spaces. Those at the festival will get to enjoy exhibitions and other artistic performances and experiences.  Smriti Rajgarhia, Director of the Serendipity Arts Festival says: “The festival truly celebrates our rich artistic heritage, and we hope that this will foster cultural growth and energize contemporary practice not just in Goa but across the country.” It is a great way for emerging artists to showcase their talent.  2018 will see 1500 artists lighting up the festival.  There will also be more international participants to further global dialogues with Indian culture. Special events will celebrate the 175th anniversary of Panaji by reexploring heritage sites and prominent architectural monuments through creative and community-focused projects.


Amenities available during the festival:

  • Free shuttle services from all the venues
  • Environmentally friendly e-bikes -25 covering the sum of venues
  • Free ferry services from Captain of Ports Jetty to Ribandar Jetty
  • 350+ Volunteers to guide and help visitors with queries regarding the festival and registration requirements
  • Special accessibility volunteers for the differently abled
  • Emergency medical services available on site