‘The Sacred Feminine: The Goddess and other Archetypes’

Gallery Gitanjali is currently having an art exhibition called ‘The Sacred Feminine: The Goddess and other Archetypes’ which was curated by Miriam Koshy- Sukhija. The walls were adorned with different creative artworks that were related to feminity. The artists used different mediums like tempera on canvas, acrylic on canvas, mixed media on paper, ink on canvas, etc. Priyal Woodpecker added some thought-provoking verses to some of the art like “Show me shelter and I will become the nest. Show me war and I will show you blood.” The paintings had different themes like unconditional love, confronting shadows, the balance between light and dark, and so on. The exhibition is open for public viewing till 30th April 2018.

Pic Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM