Rear Admiral Menon talks about his quest for justice

Honesty is a trait that everyone should strive for.  Rear Admiral Menon spoke about his book to a gathering which highlights that honesty wins. His book is titled ‘Honesty Victimized, CBI Politicised.’ His story starts from when he was appointed as the chairman of Goa Shipyard Ltd.  He realized that there were many thefts occurring there and it was also under the thumb of illegal unions. He started disciplining the shipyard by introducing breathalizers, new security, and even stopped the misuse of GSL transport by CBI officers. This enraged many people and it resulted in the CBI raiding his home and the homes of his relatives as well.

“I suffered ostracization for disciplining the shipyard,” Menon reveals. The CBI had even frozen his bank accounts and filed a case against him. The Admiral stated, “It was the most harrowing period of my life.” However, he and his wife didn’t give up. In the long run, the shipyard was greatly improved and there hasn’t been a single strike since then. Menon said: “I couldn’t find anyone to publish this book for two and a half years. Why? Fear of CBI.” The people of Goa can learn from Menon’s words: “I believe that to watch crime and not do something about it is more of a crime.”