Portuguese film screenings at Sunaparanta (Sensorium 2018)

Sunaparanta in association with Centro de Lingua Portuguesa-Camoes will hold Portuguese film screenings curated by Alexandra Côrte-Real de Almeida on 27th and 28th February 2018 from 6:15 pm onwards at the amphitheatre. It’ll be a unique opportunity to watch films and documentaries by Portuguese directors.


27th February:

o   Douro Faina Fluvial (1931)

o   Acaso (By Chance)


28th February:

o   The Edge of the World (2016)-  Maria, Lurdes, and Natália go down to the river to wash their blankets. Seduced by the sun and the sound of running water, they stay long past sunset, playing out the time while waiting for the blankets to dry, hesitating over the desire of dipping their feet in the water and giving in to a moment of pleasure.

o   Will Free- The internet reproduces images, one after the other, without a connection between them.  These images live and inevitably build relations and create feelings that we cannot control.  This film experiments a possible logical yet fictional connection of what the internet brings us.

o   Come to Me-  A short animation film about becoming a woman.

o  Vigilia- Vigilia is a documentary about the search for faith and adaptation to a new world.

o   Mirage my bros- Three tales about young people who give a perspective on the idea of looking to the future, dreaming and are connected by an energetic power given by the portrayed situations.

Film screenings on both days are free and open to all.