Poonam Lodge Exhibition – A house full of creativity

Poonam Lodge, Panaji, - a 101 years old building- has now been turned into an exhibition centre. Abandoned for many years, it is now the site of the first ever intervention of the ‘Goa Artists Collective.’ The exhibition will be open for public until 25th March.

The quaint simple place has creative exhibits placed around the area.  The first one is in a dark room where a brass hand holds a torch which symbolizes discovery and rediscovery.  The next exhibit is a watercolour painting of a Gozadi (Quilt) which has been made in memory of the artist’s grandmother who used to stitch quilts.

There is also an impressive terracotta piece of work called ‘Keys of Grandeur’ which was inspired by the bunch of keys the village landlords and landladies used to keep in the olden days of Goa’s ‘Bhatkarponn.’ 'Meu Amor' is a large charcoal drawing of an old lady which seemed to be embedded in the house to show that the memory of the house lies in the lady's heart forever. There are many other interesting works like 'Enemy at the Door', 'Dark Dusk', 'Cupboard of Curiosity', etc.


Pic Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM