Paint with Red Wine on 7th April 2018

Gallery Gitanjali is holding a unique workshop by Trishna Patnaik where the participants will have to paint with Red Wine.  It provides a different way to let out one’s creative side.  The participants will get to be artistic with the medium of Red Wine on cartridge sheets. These sheets are a type of heavy paper mainly used for illustrations and drawings. Here you’ll get to create an artwork using different tones and getting various patterns in place. Wine is surprisingly a great way to create artworks.  To ensure a common composition for the whole group of participants, the theme will be seascapes. All the art material required will be provided at the workshop.  It will take place on 7th April 2018 from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

About the Facilitator: 

Trishna Patnaik is a self-taught artist based in Mumbai. Trishna has been practising art for over 14 years now. After she had a successful career in various reputed companies, she realised that she wanted to do something more meaningful. She found her true calling in her passion that is painting. Trishna is now a full-time professional painter pursuing her passion to create and explore to the fullest. For her, it is a road less travelled but a journey she looks forward to everyday.