National Group Art Show- Expression Merveilleuse

Art is a medium where people can let their creativity flow in splashes of colour. Both the artist and the people who view the works find themselves immersed in the world of their imagination. Kala Academy is currently having an exclusive national group art show at their art gallery. It is curated by Dr. Nitin Majumder.  The theme of the art exhibition is called ‘Expression Merveilleuse’ which showcases the works of 14 artists. In essence, it means ‘Marvellous expressions’ which is an apt name for this art show.  GoGoaNow gives you a glimpse into some of the artists’ works:

- Priti Desai has portrayed bright coloured abstract paintings that are all about the universe. The series is called ‘cosmos’.

- Gaurav Dahiya used acrylic colours on board, paper, and canvas to create landscapes.

- Photographer, Dinesh Verma, has displayed photos of still life and macro shots.

- Kangkan Barman’s artworks touch upon political, cultural, and social issues in an innovative way.

- Nitin Majumder has fondly painted visual memories from his childhood days.

- Rohit Maurya portrays feminine characteristics using female figures of birds, human beings, etc.

- Purnendu Mandal highlights scenes of different cities in India like Kolkata. He shows local life after a rainy day, rickshaw pullers, etc. The works cleverly visually depict fog, raindrops,  and water reflections.

(The exhibition will be open for public viewing till 4th January 2018)