Indian artists display their works at Spandan – Annual Global Art Festival of India

The New Year 2020 brought ‘Spandan’- 6th Annual Global Art Festival of India- to the Entertainment Society of Goa. The chief guest was Mr. Govind Gaude, Art & Culture minister, Govt. of Goa, and the guest of honour was Mr. Amit Satija- IAS. The art exhibition is organized by Anant Vikas, President of the Spandan Global Art & Cultural Foundation, Goa.

The exhibition had different eye-catching paintings of human figures, abstract art, flowers with different petal shades, birds, deities, sceneries, and a 3D painting. These works were created through acrylics, mixed media, and oil paints.

Here is a brief glimpse of the artists behind the paintings:

Neha Rani from Mapusa has a passion for nature. She loves nature’s beauty and tries to capture it in her paintings.

Mansi Goel, New Delhi, is also a nature lover and is fond of bright colours. She aims to spread words of happiness and peace to society.

Pooja Bahuguna from New Delhi is fond of landscapes and flowers. She likes working with pencil, charcoal, mixed media, and acrylics.

Shikha Mamgain works from Delhi and likes capturing landscapes in her paintings.

Navita is an artist who likes playing with different concepts. She likes playing with illusions, lights, and shadows.


Picture Credit - Shivang Mishra II NTGOGOANOW