Goan’s to benefit from International Trade Training

Global Network Institute (GNI), headquartered in Ahmdebad is all ready to open up its branches in Goa with its new training program, The International Training School, which is set to commence its first training program in December 2019.

The aim of The International Training School is to help empower Goans through their training in subjects like international marketing strategy, games on market research, select trade partners, online e-commerce exports, export pricing, FOREX, shipping procedure, and other practical sessions to establish Goan business and take them to a global platform.

“This training procedure is ideal for manufacturers, traders, professionals, family-owned businesses, and also students who can contribute in taking Goa’s business and industry to a different level,” said Dr. Jagat Shah, the founder and managing director of Global Networks.

Dr. Jagat Shah emphasized the youth traveling to other countries in search of job opportunities and the importance of creating employment in the state to increase development.

The training program is open to all and there are no age boundaries. The programme also gives a comprehensive guide to exports and its management. The training school has successfully conducted training all over India and overseas with over 148 batches of students trained. The students have also benefited by becoming exporters across various sectors.