Goa to host ‘Strongman India League1’

Vinsan World along with Strongman India presents ‘Strongman India League1’, for the first time in Goa. The Strongman India league is the biggest strength challenge known internationally and is now making a massive impact in Goa. The event aims at promoting talent from all across the country in the sphere of power weightlifting which will take place on May 25 at Miramar Beach.

Strongman India is the sanctioning by Strongman India League and governing body for the sports of professional strongman internationally. Indian athletes, in this case, are given a platform to showcase their level of fitness at numerous events that are held across the country on an annual basis, Amateur to Professional athletes is given an opportunity to participate and earn their professional status. The event will be first one of its kinds to be held in Goa with playoffs on games like Viking Press, Car Dead Lift, Atlas Stone, Frame Carry, Loading Race in the Men’s Category and Crucifix, Car Dead Lift, Stone Over Bar and Log Lift in the Women’s Category. The Goa event finalist will further get a chance to participate at the Strongman Champions League in Finland. The Finland event will be followed by Strongman World Championship which will be held in Goa on December 1 and 2.