Get ready to experience different forms of art at the 2019 Serendipity Arts Festival

This year, the Serendipity Arts Festival will take place during 15 – 22 December 2019.  This year will host over 90 dynamic projects with over 1200 artists highlighting India’s rich traditions of music, dance and theatre, alongside photography, culinary arts, craft, and visual arts exhibitions. The Serendipity Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization who wants to boost arts production, awareness and practice across South Asia.

The festival will have something in the following categories- craft, music, theatre, dance, culinary arts, visual arts, photography, etc. Additionally, several Special Projects will be showcased, featuring projects curated by Nancy Adajania, Anurupa Roy, HH Art Spaces, St+art India Foundation, Aradhana Seth and Vidya Shivadas, among several others.

The festival, known for exhibiting art from the South Asian region, will see larger participation of artists across South Asian countries and performers from around the world. To assist with a smoother experience of the festival, a Serendipity Arts Festival App will be launched shortly. The app will include all aspects of registration, event calendars and other important updates. The festival aims to be more eco-friendly by minimizing the use of paper and plastic wherever possible, with proper disposal bins in and around service areas and outside workshops, as well as including these ideas as part of the programming with workshops which address waste management, as well as eco-friendly food and lifestyle choices.

The Festival is also planning to have special projects to promote Goan cultural heritage. Vivek Menezes, special projects curator, will curate Mundo Goa, a project that explores and celebrates the coming together of international artists from the Goan diaspora. Also, a large scale project called Goa Familia, which sets out with the objective to chronicle the socio-cultural footprint of Goa and Goans will be showcased at Serendipity Arts Festival, December 2019.

The Farmer’s Market, an initiative to showcase agricultural produce intrinsic to the sustainability of the Goan region. Based on an open call, participants can showcase produce, fermented and cured foods, artisanal food and beverages, local recipes or any practices that they feel can help build awareness about sustainability in the region. Talking of sustainability, the Festival will be conducting a series of workshops with the local community settled in and around the St. Inez Creek in Panjim to help sensitize the public about the role such waterbodies play in their surrounding environment. Additionally, the Festival will have several workshops for people of all ages and theatre plays.

Along with the creative aspects, the festival also aims to have a broader spectrum of engagement, offering complete access to the arts and greater creative inclusion through a number of workshops and Special Projects like Senses 4.0 by Siddhant Shah. These workshops will be a combination of tactile art, workshops, curated walks and activities aiming to make the festival more accessible to differently-abled visitors and school children from the locality. This year, the focus will be on mental health. The Festival also has a more robust volunteer plan for 2019 with volunteers from across the country and especially Goa, who will be trained and oriented thoroughly to be operations ready in advance for the festival.

To attend Serendipity Arts Festival from the 15th to the 22nd of December 2019 in Panaji, Goa, register online at Entry is free and open for all.

(The Serendipity Arts Festival is open to all)