Experience ‘The Enchanted Forest’ at The Cajueiro Homestead, Valpoi

The Making of ‘The Enchanted Forest’ at The Cajueiro Homestead is a three day master class in Forest Art that will be held at The Cajueiro Homestead, Valpoi from May 25 to May 27.

Depleting natural resources, the world over, calls for an urgent rebuilding and rediscovery of the relationship humans have with nature. The Cajueiro Homestead is organising a three-day masterclass in Forest Art in Valpoi facilitated by artists, designers, and architects. It will also include a renewal session through Shinrin-yoku (Japanese term for Jungle Bathing).

The master class will be facilitated by architect, Tallulah D’Silva, designer, Vishal Rawley and artists Miriam Koshy Sukhija and Milan Khanolkar. There will also be other artists like Manjunath Naik, Mansi Trivedi, Shekhar Sharma, Dhiraj Pednekar, Ki ran Jacob and Anil Pandey who will share some interesting nature-based art and craft skills including leaf art and make your own signature handmade paper with paper pulp and more.

Here participants will explore natural resources available, get inspired by landforms, trees and rocks, burrows and traps made by birds, reptiles, and insects Organiser Miriam says, “As we work together, the woods at Cajueiro will transform into an immersive and Enchanted Space for Art, made with natural materials and objects found in the woods. Leaves and twigs, vines and pods, trees and rocks morph into wondrous things.”

This is will be a unique experience she states where participants will get to immerse themselves in the ‘jungle experience’ at the Cajueiro, foraging for food, going bird watching, cooking outdoors, going for swims in the Mhadei River by day and moonlit swims in the pond at the plantation, having tea at tree houses in the evening and singing songs and swapping tales around campfires by night.

(For more details visit cajueirohomestead.com)