Experience a blend of cultures at Sur Jahan 2019

Sur Jahan- the World Peace Music Festival is coming back to Goa. In the previous years, the festival was held at Kala Academy. However, this year, it has been shifted to The International Centre Goa (ICG), Dona Paula. A person involved with Sur Jahan stated: “It is a cultural exchange in the best possible way.”  The mantra of this festival is ‘Music for all, Music for peace’.  Rural handicrafts will be showcased from 6th to 8th February (4 pm to 9 pm) at ICG’s poolside. The performers will be having workshops where the public can learn more about their music, the genre, the instruments they use, etc.

About the performers:

Mario Lucio and band– They have a very traditional style from the island of Santiago, Cape Verde. The artistes use unique instruments like an iron bar and knife. Mario Lucio had won the WOMEX Lifetime Award Winner.

Liona and Serena Strings– Their origin is in Spain. They have their own interpretation of Sephardic music and melodies to spiritual and philosophical Hebrew texts. Spanish, Eastern, and Arabian influences can be found in their music.

Monsieur Doumani– This band is from Cyprus. They started their musical journey to discover their roots. Now they expose the issues of society through their music.

Mawlawiyah– Mawlawiyah was established in 1994. Their music is inspired by Egyptian heritage. They are an audio-visual spectacle. One of their instruments is the Qanun.

Babra– This band creates their own tunes and styles while preserving the heritage of South Slavic music. This five-member team came together in Budapest.

Madagan– Their music is ‘slip-jig’. During the festival, they’ll be playing traditional Irish music, Scottish songs, and English songs. Goan singer, Divya Naik, will be collaborating with them.

Bengal Music Ensemble– This is a collaboration between Folks of Bengal and Goan musicians. They play traditional folk music which contains Goan sounds.



(Venue: Kaz Lawn, ICG)

6:30 pm

7:30 pm

8:30 pm

Feb 6

Inauguration Babra (Hungary) Mawlawiyah (Egypt)

Feb 7

Liona & Serena Strings (Spain) Bengal Goa Ensemble (India) Mario Lucio (Cape Verde)

Feb 8

Madagan (Nothern Ireland) Monsieur Doumani (Cyprus) Closing Ceremony




(Venue: Laran, ICG)

10:30 am

11:30 am

12:30 pm

Feb 7

Monsieur Doumani (Cyprus) Babra (Hungary) Mawlawiyah (Egypt)

Feb 8

Liona & Serena Strings (Spain) Mario Lucio (Cape Verde) Bengal Goa Ensemble (India)