Evolving/ Eroding exhibition- Exploring Nature

Evolving/ Eroding- a collaborative exhibition by Indian and Danish photographers was inaugurated at Museum of Goa in the presence of Thomas Sehested, Director of The Danish Cultural Institute in India.  The photographers have used photographic techniques to explore the concept of nature. Goa is one of the inspirations for their works. The photos are distorted and staged which shows the evolving and eroding characteristics of nature.

Here’s a deeper look into the photographers’ works:

Amit Sheokand showed the skeleton structure of local Goan fish like Shekta, Waghole, Bangda, Ambattan Parra, Tilapia, and Sagoti.   

Akshay Mahajan had seen in houses of Goa the framed pictures of family members who have passed away. He combined these portraits with local fauna in light of the superstition that - trees are totems for dead ancestors.

Jagrut Raval used cyanotype with drawing on handmade cotton archival paper.  The inspiration for these works comes from the conceptual architect, Lebbeus Wood.

Miriam Nielsen works on paper and aluminium. They are based on photographs of landscapes, structures and urban spaces seen in Goa and Europe.  The works can be placed on walls and floors.  Laura Faurschou, artist, helped in some of them.

Jenny Nordquist portrays the power of nature. The photos show the flooding of Euphrates river into plains, a beach, forest fighters clearing, and glaciers in India.

Louise Bøgelund Saugmann shows the series One frame infinite, consisting of analogue, photographic, montage works and sound pieces. All the works are based on a single photograph of the Magic Rock from South Goa. The sound pieces are created in collaboration with artist, Will Harris and musician, Abdullah S.


Pics Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM