There will be a fun and interactive workshop with A Capella ensemble, Vocal Colors from Sweden at Sunaparanta on Monday, 14th January 2019 at 5 pm.

The choir’s conductors, Marie Bejstam and Charlotte Rider, will facilitate an interactive session for local participants with the Swedish ensemble in a joyful exploration of vocal colour through a wide repertoire ranging from Folk to ABBA!  The workshop will benefit singers in choral groups as well as all those training in classical singing.  Age group 12 years and above.

About the conductors :

Marie Bejstam and Charlotte Rider founded Kulturfyren (The Culture Lighthouse)  in 2011, a creative meeting place in the heart of Stockholm. It is open to professional and amateurs, within all cultural fields. Some of Kulturfyren’s projects include summer day camps within choral music, art and film, theatre, circus and acrobatics, musicals, art and philosophy.

Marie and Charlotte are choral pedagogues, choral conductors and music teachers. Through their choirs, they have worked with musical productions, concert projects and CD-recordings, collaborated with international artists such as Barbara Hendricks and other national artists within Sweden.

Marie and Charlotte lecture and teach frequently at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

For more details and to register, please call on 2421311 / 9767864206 or write to

Come and join us to sing along with Vocal Colors!