Artist in Conversation: 6.30 pm
Video Installation: 7-9 pm

Sunaparanta – Goa Centre for the Arts is proud to present 55, a video installation by Italian artist Valentina Furian, opening this Saturday 12 October 20196.30 pm.

55 is a video piece in which images appear ambiguously, like a dreamlike scenario. A house is on fire. The only observer is a dog that watches the flames from afar. The structure seems abandoned. The dog and us viewers are the only witness(es) in the metamorphoses of the fire. The only difference is that we do not feel the heat of the flames – triggering the gap between fiction and reality that underlines the film’s narrative.

Furian constructs staged cinematic settings as a way to provoke confusion between what’s real and imagined, inviting reflections into how knowledge and information is formed – disseminated – invented.

55 is produced by Marina Nissam and Galleria Continua. The artist’s project in Goa is presented by Dipti and Dattaraj V. Salgaocar, in collaboration with UBI Banca and the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre – Mumbai.

Venue: Sunaparanta Cafe Courtyard & The Library

About the Artist:

Valentina Furian‘s research develops from processes of re-elaborating reality. The artist’s interest aims at creating new environments, often documented cinematographically while also retaining their value as individual sculptures.