“It is ten per cent how you draw, and ninety per cent what you draw.”
― Andrew Loomis

Join us as we Cholta-cholta, explore and sketch around Aldona

We will meet on Tuesday 28th May, at 4:00 PM  at the Alban Couto Community Library (ACCL), Shop no.4, Parish center (near the St. Thomas Church).

Following a small briefing and a few drawing exercises, we will head out to walk around. We will start this sketch series by walking around the main Aldona market and Church area. Following the walk, we shall stop at various areas and draw details/scenes that catch our eye. Materials will be provided. [Papers, Pencils, pastels].

Please come comfortably dressed and equipped to handle the May evening glare.

Fee: Rs. 300 including all material

Alban Couto Community Library (ACCL) members FREE!

Contact 9823222665 for more details.