On Sunday, 22nd September, Museum of Goa will host a talk by the writer and heritage conservationist, Heta Pandit, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM as part of its MOG SUNDAYS series. The talk is open and free to all.


In this performance piece, Heta Pandit will introduce us to songs sung over the grinding stone. These were songs composed and sung by Goan women while they ground grain for the day. This early morning chore was a solitary activity, often given to a new daughter-in-law as the first chore of the day. The songs are filled with expectation and eagerness, despair and inner strength, also an eternal quest for identity and recognition.

This event brings stories from the Goan kitchen and backyard into a wider public space, revealing a hitherto unseen, unheard of Goan voice. The event is based on the 2018 book, Grinding Stories – Songs of Goa. Storyteller Sarojini Bhiva Gaonkar will accompany Heta Pandit’s narrative with her grinding stone.

Heta Pandit’s first job was with Dr. Jane Goodall on a chimpanzee research station in Tanzania. She came to Goa in 1995 and has written several books on Goa, many of which are considered foundational books in studies on Goa’s heritage. Heta is a founder member of the Goa Heritage Action Group that advocates the preservation of Goa’s tangible and intangible heritage.