It’s world-cup time and to celebrate this month and half of non-stop sport Sunaparanta present ‘Sports Fever @ Sunaparanta’.  Over the next 4 weeks, we will showcase six “sports” films that explore the sports field as a metaphor for the game of life.  Presented by Arvind Sivakumaran, the films will be screened at Sunaparanta indoor gallery on 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 26th June & 3rd July 2019.

Films scheduled as below:

Tuesday, 11th June ’19 (Basketball)

Film: Hoosiers (1986)

Starring: Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper

Duration: 1 hr 55 mins

Recently voted “the fourth best sports film of all time” by The American Film Institute, ‘Hoosiers’ features one of Hackman’s most under-rated performances as the coach of a small-town high-school basketball team.


Wednesday, 12th June ’19 (Athletics)

Film: Chariots of Fire (1981)

Starring: Ian Charleson, Ian Holm, Ben Cross

Duration: 2 hrs 5 mins

The winner of the 1981 Oscar for Best Picture is remembered mainly for Vangelis’ moving and ethereal music score but is also a beautifully directed drama of two British athletes competing in the 1924 Paris Olympics – one runs to fight bigotry and the other for the greater glory of God.


Other films to look out for:

Tuesday, 18th June ’19 (Golf)

Film: Tin Cup (1996)        | Duration: 2 hrs 14 mins

Starring: Kevin Costner, Rene Russo

Wednesday, 19th June ’19 (Baseball)

Film: The Natural (1984)   | Duration: 2 hrs 18 mins

Starring: Robert Redford

Wednesday, 26th June ’19 (Football)

Film: Fever Pitch (1997)   | Duration: 1 hr 42 mins

Starring: Colin Firth

Wednesday, 3rd July ’19 (Chess)

Film: Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)   | Duration: 1 hr 49 mins

Starring: Ben Kingsley


Venue: Sunaparanta Indoor Gallery

For more details contact: Tel: 0832-2421311 / Email:

6 Scheduled Dates