Diversity of India showcased through Lokotsav 2019 festival

Lokotsav 2019- the festival of handicrafts and folk artists- was inaugurated at Kala Academy on 11th January. It started off with a rath entry which was followed by a cultural performance. The dignitaries received tokens of appreciation and proceeded to light the inauguration lamp. One of the dignitaries commented: “The central theme of Lokotsav is craft. (The items) are made by hand, love and natural products. After the industrial revolution, hand-made items were replaced by machine-made items.  This resulted in a loss of human culture.”

He felt that machines have threatened the livelihood of craftspeople and so Lokotsav is a good platform for artisans all over India.  The rest of the night had beautiful performances such as Ghumar from Hariyana, Bihu dance from Assam, Veerbhadra from Goa, Mevasi from Gujarat, and more. More than 500 stalls of various handcrafted items are put up for the public to view and purchase. Govind Gaude, minister of Art & Culture, said: “Indian culture is preserved through such festivals. There are 15 states participating. We had started with 200 stalls and now we have reached almost 600 stalls.”


(The festival will end on 20th January 2019)


Pic Credit: Hemant Parab| NT