Beats of India

Reis Magos Fort is all set to present the project Made for Dance Tanjore Quartet Bharata Natyam by the Kishna brothers Ram and Suresh on April 28, 6 pm onwards. The brothers will take you through a journey demonstrating the details of the ancient art form. It will be followed by a magical live performance.

Made For Dance Tanjore Quartet Bharata Natyam is a mystical rhythmic dance art performance showcasing a collection of impeccable and elaborate choreographic work. The performance visualises the tranquil south Indian music compositions of the ancient source of classical Bharata Natyam, the brainchild of the Nattuvanar Gurus of the Tanjore Quartet Parampara, a lineage of traditional artists, creating choreographs and composing music for dance and vocal recitals.

The performance unfolds the rich content of the Indian spiritual world and philosophy of the Veda’s, the ancient scriptures of India. The avant-garde costume designs are part of the Aharya, (Sanskrit for outer expression), designed and handcrafted according to the mobility of the dances to exhibit a memorable celestial storybook.

The Kishna Brothers will take center stage to showcase the signature features such as the high technical details with a natural face and body expression (abhinaya), according to the musical meter (talam) and the melodic framework (ragam) of their documented music of the almost disappeared original image of Bharata Natyam.

“We aspire and share with the audience, a moment of a greater awareness of humans in the universe, taking them into another similar reality, full of amazement, where they experience the essence of their own consciousness,” they say.

(Entry fee: `300.)