Art exhibition- Shades, colours, and life

The art exhibition at the art gallery of the Directorate of Art & Culture has unique works on display. The artists participating in the exhibition have used different mediums, like ink, charcoal, watercolours, etching, gouache, acrylic, and mixed media on paper. The artists whose works are exhibited are Norman Tagore, Shripad Gaurav, Nirupa Naik, Manjunath Naik, Nandini Raikar and Jyoti Mehta.

Norman Tagore showcases human figures delicately. His painting ‘The art teacher’ is on display along with others. Shripad Gaurav’s paintings are satirical and show the peaceful, happy, Goan way of life. Manjunath Naik has showcased different ideas of art in his works like ‘Holy cow’, ‘Lucky owl’ and ‘We came, we saw, we conquered’. He tries to express love in different moods.

Nirupa Naik in her works has portrayed the simple yet beautiful life of her village people. Among her works are ‘The golden tree’ and women working in fields. Nandini Raikar has displayed different life experiences through artworks like ‘Mother’s love’ and ‘The swings of nostalgia’. Jyoti Mehta’s creativity can be seen through her colourful paintings of dandelions unfurling and touching the sun.

The price of the paintings ranges approximately between Rs14,000 and Rs 50,000.


Pic Credit - Shivang Mishra I NT GOGOANOW.COM