Affordable wedding earrings collection launched by Puja Mapxencar

Puja Mapxencar, a fashion designer residing in Goa, recently launched an earrings wedding collection.  All the earrings are handmade in India by craftsmen. The collection consists of long German silver hanging earrings & Jhumkas, temple jewellery, Bali’s, kundan jewellery, and gold plated American diamonds. The price range of the earrings is approximately between Rs.250 to Rs.700.

Mapxencar says: “We have made it lightweight and cost friendly keeping in mind our customers’ requirements.” Each pair of earrings made is different and unique, therefore no one else will have the same pair. This jewellery is available at the Kandida boutique in Panaji and at 1930 Vasco. It’s not only for the bride but anyone going for the wedding, like the bride’s friends, can wear them. “Jewellery enhances the look even if the dress is simple,” Mapxencar states.