‘Aahe Manohar Tari’ to be staged on July 28

The 62nd performance of ‘Prayog Saanj’ will showcase the autobiography of famous Marathi writer, Sunita Deshpande – ‘Aahe Manohar Tari’ on Saturday, July 28 at Multipurpose Hall, Sanskruti Bhavan, Panaji at 6.30 p.m.

Sunitabai as she was popularly called had immense talent as an author. Wife of late humorist Pu La Deshpande, she published a number of books including ‘Aahe Manohar Tari…’ The book was very popular and to some extent quite controversial for she depicted without hesitation her life with her husband. She was criticised for being honest but took the criticism in her stride.

The theatrical has been directed and written by Prashant Mardolkar which will be presented by Siddhi Upadhye and Kum Radha Mardolkar. The music has been composed by Kedar Manerikar and Sindhuraj Kamat.

The main objective of Directorate of Art and Culture behind organising ‘Prayog Saanj’ is to provide a platform to new groups and budding artists in the field of drama. This activity has completed its five years in the month of May 2018.

(Open to all)