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Sunday By The Creek Tropical Cocktails, Delectable Food And Island Music

Sunday Picnic with Deej Sachin | Swapnil

Off Trail Adventures will host the screening of 16 award-winning real-life short thrillers filmed by various adventure enthusiasts at the IMF Mountain Film Festival in Goa on October 6, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Maquinez Palace, Panaji. Fee: `100. Details: 9960054428/ 9850665650

Oscar Shortlisted Konkani Film Screening at Museum of Goa At 5:30 PM, Sunday, 6th October, Museum of Goa will host the film Nachom-ia Kumpasar (2014), directed by Bardroy Barretto, as part of its weekly MOG SUNDAYS series. The producer of the film, Miguel Falcao, will attend the screening and will be available for discussion afterwards. This film is loosely based on the lives of legendary Konkani singers Lorna Cordeiro and Chris Perry and highlights a golden era of Goan music. Told through 20 hit Konkani songs, Nachom-ia Kumpasar maps the tragic romance of its two leading characters, set in the world of 60’s jazz in India. Famous Konkani oldies were rerecorded for this film. With an award-winning performance by Palomi Ghosh as Lorna, this film has bagged awards at international film festivals for its director, cinematography, acting and, most notably, music. To add to this, Nachom-ia Kumpasar was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination for best original score. The film is dedicated to the unsung musicians of 60’s Goa.

A live music performance by singer/songwriter Valerie D’Silva will be held on October 6, 6 p.m. at the Dogears Bookshop, Margao. Details: 9850398530

Smooth Sax Sundays With Sasy Aggie